EXPEDIA Mediterranean Regulatory Consulting Company is industrial partner of Melete and it is represented by Roberto Da Gasso like Technical Coordinator and Managing Director.
Expedia provides support in outsourcing for regulation and registration of end-user commercial products such as Plant Protection Products, Biocidal Products, Fertilizers.
Its founders, Fabrizio Jondini and Roberto Da Gasso, have successfully worked for more than 70 years altogether in registration in Italy and in foreign countries. Expedia contributes experience in business organization and management, and personnel training.

REACH Mastery is born in July 2008 from the will to create a structure that could support customers in all the different fulfilments of REACH regulation by covering and specializing in all competence fields. The consultant’s experience and versatility grants the customer a complete and personalized answer to all his needs in the regulatory area.
Thanks to its skills in REACH, REACH Mastery can successfully lead its customers from pre-registration to registration

UNIVERSITÁ degli Studi di Milano

UNIVERSITÁ dell’Insubria


- RTC Centro di Ricerca Tossicologica
- Università degli studi di Milano
- Università dell’Insubria
- Reach Mastery
- Federchimica
- Expedia Mediterranean Regulatory Consulting Company
- ECHA - European CHemical Agency



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