Our services

Technical and regulatory indications
– Data Interpretation (chemical-physical, toxicological, eco toxicological, relevant to industrial hygiene)
– Planning of strategies of analysis
– Assessment of the physical-chemical characteristics
– Models of transport processes and environmental fate of the substances
– Scientific data search

Analytical identification
– Analytical evaluations of the physical-chemical characteristics
– Selection of the analytical measurement methods
– Laboratory analysis for identification and chemical characterization

Registration and authorization
– Persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic and vPvB (very Persistent, very Bioaccumulative) characteristics assessment
– Study of the impact on human health
– Monitoring and exposure assessment
– Risk management measures
– Dossier exhibition and identification of the lacking information
– Evaluation of dossier before submission to ECHA

Toxicological consulence
– Planning, management and monitoring of GLP analysis and interpretation of the relevant results
– Expert use of QSAR and READ ACROSS techniques
– Development of prediction models of toxicity for organic substances (QSAR: Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships)
– Toxicological testing
– Trials on eco toxicological effects and on environmental fate
– Evaluation of the damage consequent to current or previous human exposure to chemical factors of risk

– Exemption for the activities of research and development from general obligation of registration
– Substances of high very concern (SVHC)

Legal services
– Data protection
– SIEF, consortia
– Competition, contractual problem

– Representation
– Monitoring

Impact Evaluation
– Vulnerability
– Costs estimate, opportunity
– Monitoring of the public financings, calls for tenders and other forms of assignment of funds to support specific initiatives of research

– CSA, analysis of the alternatives, substitutions
– CSR arrangement(Chemical Safety Reports)
– Exposure scenarios characterization (standard and personalized)

Classification and labelling
– Classification and labelling of dangerous substances
– SDS (Safety Data Sheets), SVHC (Substance of Very High Concern)
– CLP regulation

Research and development
– Development of technologies for environmental pollution monitoring
– Development of environmental models and modelling tools
– Development of tools of exposure and evaluation
– Modelling of the contaminant transfer along the trophic chain and human exposure assessment
– Elaboration of methodologies for process of elimination / destruction / reuse
– Epidemiological data review and health monitoring studies


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